Electrofusion Machine


Reliable, easy-to-use, robust designed to withstand the conditions found on typical construction sites around the world
and impact resistant

* Intuitive user guidance menu
* Clear and clear error messages
* Made of high quality components
* Protected from electrical damage
* Worldwide training, support service network
* Waterproof design according to IP54 standards
Top-level components and custom configuration perfectly support your workflow.
ELECTROPOWER has selected all of our production equipment from trademarks with registered design in order to provide the highest quality product. Company
has chosen the latest technology tools and equipments and provides high precision in production stages thanks to these products.
ELECTROPOWER Electrofusion welding machines meet world standards including ISO
Worldwide standards and testing requirements are met in all products, and ELECTROPOWER, ISO 9001, ISO 10002 and CE

ELECTROPOWER‘s electrofusion equipment is technologically advanced and can be used for years of research and
designed with development work. It adapts to many different configurations and installations required by field operations.

Fusion Welding Machine for joining PE Pipes and Fittings with couplings used in Gas and Water Supply applications

ELECTROPOWER Brand HDPE Electrofusion Welding Machines In accordance with ISO 12176 Electro Fusion Welder International Standards
Is designed.

High level CPU control core is used, all welding parameters equipped with LCD diplay can be shown
Light Weight and Easy to Use
With real-time monitoring welding status, abnormal welding process can be terminated in a short time
Internal Memory 4000 Can record resources
Source Parameters input modes:
(1) With barcode scanner
(2) Manual Manual Adjustment
(3) Reading hand adjusting well

EP 1600 Welding Machine Specifications

Possibility of welding between 20-1600mm
Welding with gun type barcode reader
Possibility of manual welding
4000 protocol memories
Ability to operate between 185volt and 275 volts
High voltage protection
100% domestic 100% National
CE certificated
Possibility to weld PE and PP fittings up to 1600 mm
4 × 20 characters 5 mm font size, green Led
Automatic welding control
Fittings strength test
Fittings control
Resistance control
Current control
Voltage Control
Turkish menu
English menu

Technicial Specifications

Rated Voltage: 230 V (tolerance 185 V – 275 V)
Frequency: 50 Hz to 60 Hz (tolerance 35 Hz to 70 Hz)
Power: 4800 VA
Electrical protection class: IP 54
Fuse: 20 A – 230 V
Primary Circuit Current: 20 A
Ambient Temperature: -10 to +60
Output Voltage: 8 V – 48 V AC
Maximum Output Current: 120 A
For more information… 0312 380 60 90

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