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7 Aralık 2018





20-500mm Ø (ability to weld)
Possibility of welding with gun type barcode reader
Manual welding
4000 protocol protocols
Capable of operating between 175volt and 285 volts
High voltage protection
Capable of welding up to 500 mm PE and PP fittings
4×20 character 5 mm font size, green Led
Automatic welding control
English menu
4 Meter power cable
4 Electric power cable

İSO 9001 belgesi electropower



Technicial Specifications

Rated Voltage: 230 V (tolerance 175 V – 285 V)
Frequency: 50 Hz to 60 Hz (tolerance 40 Hz to 60 Hz)
Power: 3600 VA
Electrical protection class: IP 54
Fuse: 20 A – 230 V
Primary Circuit Current: 16 A
Ambient Temperature: -10 +60
Output Voltage: 8 V – 48 V AC
Maximum Output Current: 80 A

The device does not emit electrical output from the probe tips at initial startup and welding.
There is a condition to enter the voltage and time value before welding.
Input with barcode reader (automatic; values ​​are put in place when read)
Manual volt-time input (max: 48 volts, 2500 seconds)
Manual barcode no input
Review all environmental conditions at the beginning of the welding process and evaluate whether the limits are within the limits. Starts welding under the following conditions.

If the air temperature is greater than 0 * C, less than 60 * C;
Note: 30 * C -60 * C at the air temperature, the welding time is reduced -6 seconds.
If the device temperature is less than 85 * C;
If the mains voltage is greater than 170 volts, less than 285 volts;
If the mains frequency is greater than 30 Hz, less than 70 Hz;
If the user authority is open;
If the maintenance date is not over;

When it starts welding, it measures the resistance at the probe tips and checks whether the connected load is within the cuff values.
Starts welding time by accepting normal values ​​between 0.1 ohm and 25 ohms. It stops working in the values ​​outside of it and gives a cuff error.
In this way, the device output is protected from short-term or unintended use.

If the load resistor is normal, it sets the desired voltage value in soft start starting from 8v in 1 to 5 seconds. The device is prevented from saturation by sudden load. This value is kept constant by means of autocontrol setting method with instantaneous measurements. If it does not provide the required power within tolerance, it cuts the voltage and gives error information (OVER LOAD).

If information is entered with barcode; +/- 20% for resistance value
It gives +/- 5% tolerance for voltage value.

If manual VOLT-TIME input is made; Applies the same tolerances according to the first measured resistance value and the voltage that is written. In case of non-tolerance load resistances, the application terminates and indicates that the appropriate sleeve is not fitted.

All measurements and controls during welding are done in real time and without interruption until the welding time is over. If the above mentioned values ​​go out of limits at any time of the source, it finishes the welding process and first informs the user of the error with the message by the message screen.
If the welding time is completed; saves all the information in the memory as successful. By interrupting the source voltage with audio notification, the cooling time of the cuff is displayed as a countdown on the display. When the cool down time is over, it returns to the home screen with a buzzer.
If the welding process has been interrupted due to an error or cancellation, the source will save the memory to failure. Returns to the home screen after the information message.
It gives and records a protocol number, respectively, for each source operation. It also shows on your home screen. With the welding process counted by the protocol number, the number of welding of the machine is limited to 4000 units and can be erased by the user. The technical condition of the machine can be followed by the authorized service as it must be serviced.
There are two menus on the machine under User and Service. Both can be entered with separate passwords. These passwords are designated by the manufacturer. The user may cancel or activate his / her password according to his / her request. This prevents unauthorized use.
User privileges can be accessed via the following menu;
Select language: TR, EN
Resource permission: open – close
Manual resource clearance: open – close
Change Password
Browse records
Delete all entries
Manufacturer code number
Top loading (for rental machine)
Analog Devices: operational amplifier
Passive materials;
Resistors, even in the case of temperature changes, the stable type of metal film is used.