How Electrofusion Welding Works

How Electrofusion Welding Works

Ef Welding Machine
Ef welding machine is generally used for joining polyethylene pipes. Its use is quite simple. The film layer that does not hold welding on the outer surface of the polyethylene pipe is cleaned with a scraper, the insert is attached to the marked and scraped pipe.

A polyethylene welding machine is connected to the attachment, the barcode on the attachment is read with the barcode reader on the fusion welding machine, now all the data will be transferred to the welding machine.

The values ​​on the attachment and the welding machine are compared, if the values ​​are correct, the welding is started, the electrofusion welding machine will give an audible warning when the welding is close to the end. After the welding is finished, the cooling time specified by the manufacturer should be waited.


Electropower Electrofusion (Ef) Welding Machine

Electropower Plastic Pipe Welding Machines are designed to provide the easiest use in all terrain conditions and in the most difficult conditions.

What Are Our Ef Sourcing Services?
Our Electro Fusion Welding Services in Electropower Hdpe Pipes: We are welding Hdpe Ef Elbow, Hdpe Ef Coupler, Hdpe Ef Te, Hdpe Ef Reduction, Hdpe Ef Servis Te, Hdpe Ef Saddle and Hdpe pipes for PE100 products up to 20 mm 1200 mm in the highest quality way.

Electrofusion welding method made with Electropower ef welding machine is mostly used in repair areas where butt welding method is not used in narrow areas.



Ef is a joining method applied with internal electrical heating elements to weld HDPE and other plastic pipes for welding the pipes to be joined are trimmed with a 0.03 mm-thick surface scraping process in order to prevent oxidation and surface irritation the shaved surface is then cleaned of all external dust and dirt using liquid solvent or solvent wipes the electrofusion is placed on the fitting (with a temporary clamp if necessary) and a voltage (typically 40V) is applied for a constant time, depending on the fitting used.

The internal heater coils then melt the inside of the fitting and the outside of the pipe wall, which weld together forming a very strong homogeneous joint. The assembly is then left to cool for a certain period of time.