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Win 2 times with ElectroPower electrofusion welding machines!

You will make the best choice for your business with our products with better prices than their counterparts and brand awareness with high customer satisfaction!

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From the moment your products reach our service, they are sent back to you by cargo within 1 business day. Thus, your work continues with minimum disruption.

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“We use the EP 1600 electrofusion welding machine in ROMANIA. We have completed 6 construction sites for about 6 days. When we support the company in our law, even the smallest problem in the device, and even in our electrical problems. There is always a German made electronic device, I bought the Turkish one and was very satisfied. I advise."
Doğan Maraz
"It was being sold at the workplace where I worked in Kırıkkale, I bought it. I have been using it for over 3 years. For 3 years, I sent it to the service only for maintenance, the machine did not give even the slightest malfunction. My generator is beautiful, my machine is beautiful, there was not even the slightest problem in my work. I bought 2 more to meet my needs this season."
İlyas Kozanoğlu
“I have been a master of polyethylene for about 16 years. I learned the trade from my father. In 2018, I met the ElectroPower family. I am using the EP 500 electrofusion model. I am very pleased. Both in terms of service and quality. I can always reach ElectroPower officials on the phone, it is really nice that they provide quick solutions to my possible needs and their sincerity. I recommend it to everyone. persistently; Local Goods, Country Goods!”
Emrah Demir
“I have been in this business for 30 years. I finished some nice projects. I was pessimistic when buying the machine, but after using it, I can't even imagine a different brand. Good quality, light, useful. I recommend it to those who will buy an electrofusion welding machine. Those who know me know that I am very meticulous. My machine has defied years, its outer cover is aluminum and oven painted. No spills or scratches on the paint. I strongly recommend it.”
Mesut Tiryaki

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