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The system clock appears to be incorrect. What should I do?
The problem is that the clock settings of the device are corrupted, the device should be sent to the authorized service (The device may be exposed to instantaneous high voltage and the EPROM may have reset itself or it may have malfunctioned.
The device may have reached the post-production maintenance date, or the device may have been exposed to a voltage above 320V and there may have been a problem in the measurement circuits on the motherboard. In such a case, the device should be sent to the authorized service.
The device may have been rented and the lease may have expired, you should contact the person you rented.
The device gives this warning because the resistance on the added piece read and the resistance detected by the device are higher than the manufacturer’s tolerances. You can obtain a new barcode by contacting the attachment manufacturer or you can weld manually.
The attachment you use may be broken, the ends you connect to the attachment may be inconsistent, your welding cable may be broken.
The electricity source you use may be producing electricity outside the production standards of our factory. Required conditions; Mains voltage between 170V – 275V.
The electricity source you use may be producing electricity outside of our factory’s production standards. Required conditions; Mains voltage between 170V – 275V. If an extension cable is used, we strongly recommend that it not exceed 25 meters and use 3×2.5mm H05RR-F. 7.5 kva honda brand is the choice of our company in your generator selections.
You will encounter this error when the device has to draw a current outside the standards set by our factory. Be careful not to weld outside the standards of the device you purchased.
In case our barcode readers do not read, wipe the transparent glass part on the front of the barcode reader with a damp cloth.
Unfortunately, the operation of the devices in a dusty environment negatively affects the barcode readers. You can find a solution by loosening the bolts under the barcode reader slightly.
Fuse blowing may cause the fuse you use to be smaller than 16 amps or to be a fast blowing type. The fuse type we recommend is 16 Amp C type. In case the mains voltage is high or low, it must be calculated by the authorized person as the values ​​may change. (There may be a problem in the power generation circuit of the device, in such a case the fuse will blow every time the device is plugged in. The device must be sent to the authorized service.

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